What’s a tenant profile, and what should you include in it?

What's a tenant profile and what should be included in it?

You’ve decided to conduct the property search the DIY (Do It Yourself) way and started contacting agents to secure viewing slots. Unless you had your tenant profile prepared, you were either asked to provide additional information about yourself and your requirements or got ignored.

If you do go DIY, you may want to refer to my guide on securing a lease on this website.

When agents receive leasing inquiries, they will want to screen you as they have specific criteria set by the landlord to fulfill, and only some tenant profiles may match these requirements. You may have a pet, but the landlord prefers tenants without pets. You may not possess the right immigration/work pass, your move-in date is too far out, etc.

There are 3 common profile categories most tenants fall into:

Profile TypeWho is this for?What helpful info to include in the profile?
StudentsStudents who are mainly seeking co-living, short-term leases due to studies in Singapore.  Age (must be at least 18yo), the relationship between the tenants, and the academic institute/program.
ProfessionalsMainly for singles/couples seeking to lease due to employment in Singapore.Indicate if personal or Corp lease. Some landlords prefer a Corp lease, especially from reputable companies.  
FamiliesFamilies with children who work/study in Singapore.Age & number of children is good to include if asked. Name of the School (if nearby)  

As you can imagine, the list of criteria can be lengthy sometimes, so it’s good to understand what information is useful and what not to include in your profile.

Useful info to include:Irrelevant info NOT to include:  
– Name(s): 
– Nationalit(ies):
– Occupation(s):
– How many are staying:
– Require furniture:
– Lease term:
– Move-in Date:
– Any Pets:
– Any live-in helper:
– Visa/Pass type:
– Smoking:
– Budget: 
– Passport/ID numbers
– Signatures
– Financial info such as Salary
– Hobbies
– List of Referrals
– Employer Name
– Dietary preferences
– Club Memberships
– Religion
– Gender (unless requested)
– Age (unless requested)

Always remember to exercise due diligence when sharing personally identifiable information. A copy of your Work Permit, ID, and Passport should only be provided when you make an offer (LOI) and proceed to the tenancy agreement (TA) stage.

The importance of the information in your profile may determine the success/failure of proceeding to view and secure your desired unit. It is also vital to remain truthful and not provide false information, as it may lead to legal actions/financial penalties, or both.

Below are some additional tips on why certain items in your profile are essential:

Budget – You should aim to remain within your means but sometimes, either by intention or mistake, you may have shortlisted a unit above your budget, or perhaps you have an expectation that the landlord will be willing to negotiate down to your price. A budget mismatch is often an early reason for being rejected.

Pets – Furry friends are not always welcome, and there’s a high chance the Tenancy Agreement will include a clause prohibiting you from keeping a pet. If you have a pet or intend to get one, it is best to clear it right from the start and avoid breaching the contract.

How Many are staying – unless you are part of a single family, the law in Singapore sets an occupancy cap of six unrelated persons per property. So, if you’re a group of students/professionals seeking a co-living arrangement, keep this in mind. Generally, a co-living lease isn’t the most favorable, so even if you plan to have multiple people cram into a small space, it’s unlikely to be ok with the landlord.

Lease term – short-term leases of less than one year are hard to find in Singapore, especially where demand and supply are low. Pay attention to the listing description, as agents typically indicate the landlord’s preference.

Ultimately getting a place to live in is a form of a relationship between you, the property, the landlord, and the agents involved in the transaction. A good fit is essential for everyone’s peace of mind, as your chosen place will be your home for the next few months or years…

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Whether you're a Home Buyer, Seller, Tenant, or Investor I'm just a click away. Contact me today for a chat.

Need any Help?

Whether you're a Home Buyer, Seller, Tenant, or Investor I'm just a click away. Contact me today for a chat.